Getting To Sleep Technique – One of Many

OK, if you ever have trouble falling asleep, which I do almost every night, here is a technique I use that helps.

Pretend you are Superman and the covers are hot molten lava with just enough Krypton infused so as to weaken you a great deal but not so much that the lava burns you.


Slowly pull the covers up to your neck and pretend that it is the lava, oozing towards you. Once you reach your neck, stop and then pretend that it hardens. Now, you are weak, tired and you cannot move because of the cooling lava. You try to struggle to break free but you lack the strength due to the ‘Kryptonian lava’.

Knowing that there is not a lot you can do at the moment, you might as well take a little snooze and try again later.

I hope this helps…