An Open Letter To James Richardson of AGLA (American General Life Insurance Company)

Dear James/Jimmy,

I just received, yet again, another email from you regarding the opportunity to work for AGLA.

Allow me to begin my response by saying I don’t know how many times I have contacted your company regarding your disingenuous approaches to me but I do hope this will be the last.

Now, I fully understand you are just trying to put some warm bodies in seats with the hopes of them making you money, I get that. However, I receive these emails from you/your company what seems like a few times each month and here is why I call them ‘disingenuous’.

You James/Jimmy, state: “I recently reviewed your resume on the internet (sic)”.

If you did indeed review my resume then I suggest you look into a reading comprehension course or maybe try this approach:

“I did a query of updated resumes on Monster and without really looking at your resume, it did pop up because certain keywords matched and therefore, I thought I would spam you with this canned intro.”

Why the need for a reading comprehension course? Because the very first paragraph of my resume states:

HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS: Over 20 years of business development, management, account management, operations, project and product development experience. My career has been built upon skills in, project management, strategic partnering, corporate development, building strategic alliances, consultative and relationship sales, sales & marketing, customer relationship management, mergers & acquisitions, research, project management, P&L responsibility, data mining & development and training. (NOTE: If you are contacting me to buy a franchise, sell insurance or ‘financial services’, then you did not read my resume very well.)

If you, James/Jimmy, are even a real person, which I doubt (No profile on LinkedIn which, for someone in your stated position, should cause any candidate worth their salt to further question your dubious approach.) then please inject a little integrity into your solicitation for new hires.

I fully appreciate you wanting to hire and grow your business and it is my sincere hope that you find the best candidates and they make a lot of money for themselves and for your company. I genuinely want all companies to succeed but your approach appears to me to be less than honest and since I am not a good fit, please do not contact me again.


Bobby Darnell
Construction Market Consultants, Inc.
3651 Peachtree Parkway
Suite E-275
Suwanee, GA 30024

The Good Ole Enthusiasm Meter

There is one rocking cool display of ‘gift cards’ where we shop for groceries. Being one that others may say is difficult to shop for; I am a fan of gift cards. A gift card shows that you did put in some effort and a well considered choice should reduce the fear of being ‘re-gifted’.


Anyway, as I was zipping by this display, one card in particular caught my eye and I could not help to ponder. Granted, the following is not based on anything objective but comes from my own personal conclusion.

Of the dozens and dozens of cards available at said display, I cannot help but to wonder if we were line them up and found a way to rank each on how much they moved the ‘enthusiasm meter’ as a result of the reaction of the recipient, I have to believe the good ole $15.00 Subway Birthday Gift Card has to be in the lower half of the rankings.


But that’s just me…

(As always…hip me to any errors!)