Sweatshirt Weather!

This is the day I wait for since the day in Spring when wearing a sweatshirt is too much. Cooler temperatures, fires in the fireplaces, soup, gumbo, coffee on the porch…under a blanket. (Coffee on the porch is a year-round thing, but the blanket is not.)

College football, raw oysters, family game nights, more trips to the mountains, long weekends exploring different cities, writing more.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas on the horizon.

Movies in the movie room surrounded by snoozing cats and pups.

I wish I could live where it is late October ten months out of the year.

Where Exactly Is Geiggityville?

For those who have never heard of Geiggityville, or its most well known resident, Dervin, the answer to the question, ‘Where exactly is Geiggityville?’ is probably meaningless.

To those familiar with either, you may already know the answer.

I am pleased to report I have forwarded to my publisher the contents of what will be the next ‘Time For Dervin’ book. Though technically it will be the second book, in many ways it will be the first.

Living Large In Geiggityville‘ is very much like a musicians first custom album…made up mostly demos. ‘Living Large In Geiggityville‘ would have never found its way between two covers had it not been for my amazing brother, Tony Darnell. It was his prompting, and with his most invaluable help, that a bunch of poorly drawn comic strips, done for the most part for the entertainment of a small circle of humor/philosophy ‘aficionados’, became an actual book.

The new book will be different in that, unlike the first one, I actually used software to help produce the final product. Many of the strips in ‘Living Large…’ were draw much like a tattoo…ink directly to the finished product with no room for error. Now, when one is talking about stick figure drawings it would be natural to question, how much is there to enhance? More than one would think.

So, I am pleased to announce that I hope to soon be able to share with everyone a portion of an interview I did recently on Dervin, its history and exactly where is Geiggityville.

In the meantime, have a great day and keep living large.

Bobby ‘D’

It Started With A Knock On The Door

It seems as if we are now living in an age where we ‘text’ someone to set up a time to actually call them on the phone. How crazy is that?

So, when I hear our front doorbell right, or knocked, the first thought that runs through my head can often be, “I wonder if they saw I was home.”

This was not the case back in November of 2012 when Gabriel Mendez, came to my house to tell me about his company, ‘Mendez Painting’. Admittedly, I probably view these encounters a bit differently than most due to how I make a living. (I work with architectural and engineering firms, commercial general contractors, subcontractors, building materiel companies on building new business which includes marketing, branding, posturing, etc.)

Gebriel politely introduced himself and began telling me about this company and I was loving every minute! I am a fan of the free market, capitalism, the pursuit of the American Dream, small business owners, etc. and Gabriel was the personification of all the above.

He walked me through his brochure, explained his company’s experience, value add and then, he asked for the business. He wanted to know if we had any projects for which he could submit a proposal.

“And the wino and I know the pain of street singin’
Like a door-to-door salesman knows the pains of bell ringin’
Strange situation, wild occupation
Livin’ my life like a song”

~ Jimmy Buffett

Gabriel’s timing was perfect…I indeed had a project, though a small one. The gutters of our three level house has developed ‘weepy’ rust stains so I asked if that was a project he would consider, painting the gutters of our house.

He submitted a proposal, which I could not believe was accurate only because it was an amazing deal. His team would sand, prime and paint all gutters for a price I won’t mention because I have to believe it was a ‘we are just getting started and want to earn your business’ price.

His team of two guys, spent 10 hours at our house and the results were as close to perfect at it could be. This was the first of several projects Gabriel and his team have done for my family. Others include:

— Repairing my poor attempt at stripping wallpaper from our foyer 1/2 bath and painting.

— Wood rot around our house on the eaves, front door pediment and upstairs windows

— Repair siding on Chimney

— Paint entire exterior of our house

— Re-drywall our basement, trim and paint after a small flood

— Bathroom renovation

If Mendez Painting was a public company, I would purchase as much stock as I could possibly afford. Each time Gabriel had a crew here, we witnessed some of the hardest working people I have ever seen and each time, they surpassed our expectations.

As Warren Buffett once said, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” I cannot recommend Gabriel Mendez and Mendez Painting enough. The value he has added to our home is outstanding. I am so very proud of how he has grown his company since that first day we met.

It’s Not Just Politics

The two main things one is not suppose to talk about, politics and religion…are two things I love to discuss. However, I won’t do it on social media.

I believe the list of ‘converts’ of people refusing to stand during the national anthem, who changed their mind by seeing a meme of the American Flag, is small. The same goes for the list of ‘converts’ who always stood for the national anthem deciding they should kneel after seeing some athlete do the same is equally as small.

The point being…who has time for drama?

Heck, it’s not just politics! Join a group online, post a picture of the brand of pet food you feed your dog or cat and watch what happens! Or, post a picture of a snake and ask what kind it is.

Anyway – keep posting pictures of the rack of ribs you just pulled off the grill, your weekend at the lake, your kid hitting a triple or shots of the band you are listening to live! I have plenty of time for those!

“People quarrel because they do not know how to argue.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

No, Not West Virginia…

but it is definitely almost Heaven.

We are back in Western North Carolina and will be sad to leave. Our goal has not changed…we will one day look for some lane to build our second home.

Our Front Porch View

We discovered a wonderful little restaurant, ‘The Rural Seed’ and it was/is all one could ask for. Lane had, what she called one of the best salads of her life and that is saying quite a lot. I had a cup of the ‘Soup of the Day’ which was potato leek and a half of a Cuban sandwich.

For me, this was a bit risky as while I like potato leek soup, I have found it can often be too ‘thick/rich’ but this was neither. As far as the sandwich goes, one would not expect the mountains of western North Carolina be the place to order a Cuban but again, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Now, to be fair, when we first drove by the place, my initial thought was, when I saw the building, “Someone really wanted to open a restaurant!” It was definitely not designed for such when it first was built as, if I had to guess, it served as some time of construction and or fabrication facility/warehouse. Don’t let the exterior fool you.

The Rural Seed

We ate in the ‘front of the store’ but there is a much larger back room where is appears they offer live music. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the interior has a funky vibe…it does not. However, the back room comes much closer than the main dining area as far as having a personality. We would definitely love to return when someone is on stage.

We will be back and I will do my best to try something new. I have a habit of ordering the sure thing and my soup and sandwich was exactly that.


Well, we once had a website declaring our intention to move to the north Georgia mountains…now, it has been amended to Western North Carolina.  (At least for now)

Hendersonville, NC to be more specific.  We spent a long weekend there recently and truly love downtown.



How can you not love a place like ‘Mike’s on Main’?

Months With R’s

“Spinning around in circles, living it day to day,
and still, 24 hours, maybe 60 good years,
it’s really not that long a stay.” ~ Jimmy Buffett – Cowboy In The Jungle

I hope to have many more trips around the sun before I venture to the great Beyond.  In the meantime, I am basking in the joy that, for me at least, comes in celebrating the end of August.

We are just a couple of days into September and yesterday could not have been more perfect.  I started off the day in the best room of the house…our screened porch, with a cup of ‘nectar from the gods’ in one of my ‘game day’ mugs and it was so cool outside, I needed a blanket over my legs.  (Grabbing a blanket was a quicker option than changing from shorts.)


My beloved Bulldogs played a good game, I completed one of those projects I have been hitting the snooze button on for many months and the end result was great!

We kicked off a new season of ‘Time For Dervin’ ( and the early feedback has been exciting.

I got to start playing my ‘A Nip In The Air’ playlist, which are songs that remind me past autumns, cooler weather and, of course, months with r’s.

College football, oysters back in season, breakout the sweatshirts, sweaters, apple scented candles, trips to north Georgia, hot chocolate and fires.

Now, I am up early enjoying the day of rest and looking forward to just that.  I intend to milk every day I can while during this season because it seems time continues to fly.

More laughing, more simplicity…less of anything else.

Time Flies And Searching For Ray Willey

Every time I post, I promise to post more often.

I have been on a roll posting on my business blog ‘Building New Business’ ( and on LinkedIn but I really would like to be more active here.

August is just underway and I am counting the days until the months have ‘Rs’.  July and August are my least favorite months of the year.  The only thing I like about them are the late afternoon thunderstorms.

Months with Rs mean football, more specifically college football, oysters are back in seasons, camping weather, sweatshirt weather, the bugs go into hiding, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, fire in the fireplace, hot chocolate and so much more.

Lane and I are looking to move to Ellijay as soon as we can.  Last week we actually met with a Realtor and toured a home that was, on paper, pretty close to perfect.  11 acres on a lake, no neighbors could be seen from the property, a smaller, three level home.  However, we realize we are still a few years off.  We still have our site and I will keep running our ‘Looking For Land’ ad in the local papers from time to time…just in case.

In the mean time, I have been working on a new season of ‘Time For Dervin’ and a second book.  I am also in the process of beginning editing my first business book.  I’ve been learning Protools and hope to do some serious recording in the cooler months.

OK, that’s all for now, it is Sunday evening and my routine involves me getting everything ready to rock on roll for a new week of churning the wheels of commerce…I like to hit the ground running on Monday morning.

Finally, I am working on a new website, ‘Where Is Ray Willey’.  I am trying to track down the alledged CEO of Historic Properties ( NOTE: The link no longer works.

Ray Willey took Steve Miller’s ‘advice’ and ‘took the money and ran.’  Time to track him down.



Ellijay Coffee Shop (Formerly Known As The Martyn House)

Every now and then you find something that truly gives meaning to the word ‘special’.

This weekend I found ‘The Martyn House Espresso Bar and Bistro’ in Ellijay, GA.

If I had the ability to pull from my mind all the thoughts, dreams and ideas of what would make my perfect coffee shop, they have been found at the Martyn House.

Often, when one finds a ‘best kept secret’ they want to keep it just that, a secret…something to keep to themselves.  However, this is not in this case.

I want everyone to experience this amazing and unique coffee shop.  I want it to thrive and flourish.  I want it to be tough to find a seat but worth the wait.  I want to run into fellow coffee lovers and it somehow come up in the conversation and I want to get excited when I walk in the door each time I visit.

Most of all, I want it to stay exactly the same.

Visit their website by clicking here

The Martyn House - OutsideThe Martyn House - Inside 1The Martyn House - Inside 2The Martyn House - Inside 5The Martyn House - Inside 4The Martyn House - Inside 3The Martyn House - Inside 6The Martyn House - Inside 7