It’s Not Just Politics

The two main things one is not suppose to talk about, politics and religion…are two things I love to discuss. However, I won’t do it on social media.

I believe the list of ‘converts’ of people refusing to stand during the national anthem, who changed their mind by seeing a meme of the American Flag, is small. The same goes for the list of ‘converts’ who always stood for the national anthem deciding they should kneel after seeing some athlete do the same is equally as small.

The point being…who has time for drama?

Heck, it’s not just politics! Join a group online, post a picture of the brand of pet food you feed your dog or cat and watch what happens! Or, post a picture of a snake and ask what kind it is.

Anyway – keep posting pictures of the rack of ribs you just pulled off the grill, your weekend at the lake, your kid hitting a triple or shots of the band you are listening to live! I have plenty of time for those!

“People quarrel because they do not know how to argue.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

Author: Bobby Darnell

Just a regular guy living in Suwanee, GA with a love and passion for my family and practicing the art of enjoying life. I love music, raw oysters, the mountains and entrepreneurs.

One thought on “It’s Not Just Politics”

  1. Great article! You can’t “argue” someone into seeing things the same way you do. Simply does not work. I had to take a break from the “socials” for a bit this year just to get a break. I 100% love to see pics of my friends, their kids, and their pets! Fun stuff! Political and religious discussions are best suited for one-on-one conversations, and ONLY if both parties are actually open to hearing a differing opinion. 😉

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