Politics and Religion

Politics and Religion – Are these two topics not the ‘poison’ of agreeable and delightful conversation? I am not sure what it says about me but these are two of my favorite topics to discuss.

I won’t delve too deeply into controversy here as I believe the two points I want to share here are pretty close to being ‘offense-free’ as any that would fall under this potentially polemic category.

Politics – I use to be consumed by politics. By that, I mean I use to study, research and read all the latest goings on in government. Spend countless hours online debating and discussing the issues of the day. I would call, write and visit my representatives in Washington, DC. Then I decided to become ‘blissfully ignorant’ (See blog entry below by the same title)

Several years ago, our local school board did something that I believed was wrong. I believe they violated Georgia’s ‘Sunshine Law’ and put an item on their agenda that was hidden in its meaning in how it would affect the parents and students.

This was enough to make me truly realize the value that ‘all politics should be local.’ I set up a meeting with the School Superintendent to discuss what I though was an unfair tactic on the part of the school board. This got me no where.

This led to my getting involved in creating a community awareness group that focused on monitoring what the school board did and helping keep local citizens more informed.

Before long, an opening on the school board came up and we knew we needed to end the years and years of unanimous voting by the school board, basically, ‘rubber stamping’ the Superintendent’s agenda.

This lead me to meet and get to know an incredible man named Mike Dudgeon. Mike stepped up to the plate and ran for the open seat. To make a long story short, Mike won and has served us proudly over the past four years on the Forsyth County School Board.

Now, Mike is running for the Georgia House in District 24.

I am so very proud to call Mike a friend and would like to take this opportunity to whole-heartedly endorse Mike’s campaign. You can learn more about Mike on his site:


Religion – of the two ‘taboo topics’ religion is definitely the more sensitive in my opinion. My entry here is to share with you about a meeting I recently had with a couple, Joe and Andy Fambrough. Joe and his wife Andy have been a part of a ministry at our church for right at ten years. Their ministry is called ‘Alongside Her’ and it supports the widows of our community.

The Bible is very clear on how we should take care of the widows and hearing Joe and Andy’s story was not only touching but inspiring as well. The amount of love, blood, sweat and tears they have put into this is not only an inspiration to me and Lane but also has prompted us to do what we can to help.

You know me, I am not big on asking for anything or pushing an agenda but I would like for you to prayerfully consider doing what you can for Alongside Her. In the short amount of time Lane and I have known Joe and Andy, we already consider them to be very special friends and their passion for what they do has proven to be infectious.

To learn more, visit their site or let me know.


The site is new and we are working on upgrading it ‘as we speak’ but if you have any questions, just let me know.

Author: Bobby Darnell

Just a regular guy living in Suwanee, GA with a love and passion for my family and practicing the art of enjoying life. I love music, raw oysters, the mountains and entrepreneurs.

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